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Some of the migrants passing through ABBA decide to seek refuge in the state of Guanajuato. ABBA house offers legal advice to these individuals to help them navigate the Mexican government and establish themselves as refugees. The process can be complicated, especially when a migrant has lost, or does not have, their identification card. While they wait for a response from the government asylum seekers have the option fo staying in the shelter until they get settled. In the future ABBA hopes to build another shelter to house asylum seekers. 

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Basic services offered during the process:

  • Food

  • Showers 

  • Medical and psychological attention 

  • A place to sleep

  • New clothes (including shoes) 

  • Legal assistance

  • Transportation to the immigration office in San Miguel de Allende. 

In Mexico the majority of people seeking asylum come from the Northern Triangle, or Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. 

Individuals who wish to seek asylum are required to begin the process within 30 days of arriving in Mexico. 

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