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ABBA house is one of 22 shelters in a national migration network for migrants traveling in Mexico. Since it began in 2012, ABBA has formed its own identity, given its located at the intersection of three major migration routes. Migrants traveling by train are required to stop in Celaya to change trains and to regroup. ABBA house provides longer stays and unique resources in order to ease this transition.  The shelter is the only refuge in Mexico that works directly with the International Red Cross and CRIT Guanajuato to provide assistance to those who have lost a limb during their journey and who require prosthetic limbs. ABBA strives to reintegrate and regulate migrants in order to create peaceful transitions for all. 


ABBA House gets its name from Aramaic. It stands for Father, and references the biblical concept that the Father is the spiritual protector who watches over us all. ABBA House looks to be the protector of those who are staying at the shelter. Many migrants look to religion to guide them through their journey. It is a symbol of hope that the father is watching over them through this difficult time. 



The logo representas the history of Abram when god tells him “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. Your ancestors will be like the stars in the sky." Abram was a migrant with a promise of a divine order. 

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